What is a Technology Synonym?

The scientific method is often referred to as technology, as it is the process of applying knowledge gained in science to practical aims in human life. Sometimes, technology is described as an evolution in the environment and involves the use of industrial processes for practical purposes. This article will discuss some of the key concepts and synonyms of technology. To help you understand the differences between the two, let’s look at each definition. This article will also discuss the differences between technology and science.

Today, technology is more of a factor than ever. It is reported that 65% of millennials would consider technology as a factor in their employment decisions in 2015, and 67% said the same in 2017. State Street, for instance, reports that 88% of its revenue is from its global custody business, which is based in 100 markets around the world. In addition to the technology-related aspects of its business, the word “technology” also means “scientific research.”

Technology changes quickly, and lawyers are often slow to adapt to new ideas. But the benefits of incorporating new methods into their work are compelling. For example, mobile phones may contain personal information, which is why embracing new technology is so important. It’s a good idea to embrace new technologies as they are useful to people and businesses alike. For more information on a technology synonym, visit Macmillan English Dictionary. There are many online resources for the definition of technology, including a free online dictionary.

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